Robert KushnerRobert Kushner
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CA License: 02054593
NV License: S0190072
Luxury Home Specialist

Northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe
Real Estate Sales 

Robert KushnerRobert Kushner
(775) 410-7192
(530) 870-4565

(408) 205-6365
CA License: 02054593
NV License: 0190072

Northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe
Real Estate Sales 

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Magazine August 2021


Home Sweet Home is a monthly publication with information on making your home a better place to live with valuable advice, receipts, home improvements, gardening,, guide to preparing your home for each season and much more.

How I Sell Your Home

  1. I provide a comparative market analysis so you can price your property correctly.
  2. I help you prepare your home for sale so it looks attractive to buyers.
  3. I put up a For Sale sign with full color brochures informing buyers of the best selling points of your property.
  4. I get a professional photographer to take pictures including 360 degree photography, videos and virtual tours.
  5. I put it on the MLS so every realtor knows it is for sale.
  6. I install a lockbox so hundreds of other realtors in the area that have thousands of buyers can show it when their buyers want to see it.
  7. I hold open houses.
  8. I advertised it in newspapers, magazines and 14 websites.
  9. I put it on the realtor tour so other agents can preview it for their buyers.
  10. As a professional real estate salesman I know what to say and what not to say that can cause doubt in the buyers mind and kill the sale.
  11. I advertise your home on social media plus 36 websites please see, Our Listing Syndication Network
  12. I mail thousands of first class postcards with a picture and description of the property to the nearest neighbors and my buyer list.
  13. A picture of the property and description will be in the next Association of Realtors newsletter so all the local agents will know about your new listing.
  14. I show your property to my clients that are waiting for your property type to be for sale.

My Opinion of the Real Estate Market Today

The selling prices of homes peeked the beginning of June 2021. I predict prices will be coming down for the following reasons.

  1. The number of homes on the market is increasing
  2. The number of days homes are on the market are increasing.
  3. The number loan applications to purchase a home are decreasing
  4. There has been an increase in the number of price reductions.

So, if you are planning to sell your home, the sooner the better.

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